What is a good science project about candle burn times?


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According to ScienceFairAdventure, determining if color affects the rate at which a candle burns is an interesting science experiment conducted using candles. This science experiment determines which color of candle burns the fastest and which ones burn the slowest.

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What is a good science project about candle burn times?
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Gather five different colors of candles that are the same size and the same brand. Other supplies needed are a marker, a ruler, lighting instrument, scissors, clay or putty, a ceramic plate, notebook and pencil and a stopwatch. Use the ruler and scissors to cut the wick on each candle to the exact same length. Use the ruler to measure one inch down from the top and use the marker to draw a line. Flatten the dough or putty to 1/2 inch thickness and spread over the plate. This will be used to hold the candles steady while burning. Push the candles into the clay, spacing them about three inches apart. Have the stopwatch handy, and light the first candle. Once the candle has burned to the drawn line, stop the stopwatch, blow out the candle and record the time and color of the candle. Repeat this process with the remaining four candles. Compare the results to determine which color of candle burned the fastest and which color burned the slowest.

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