What Are Some Good Science Fair Projects for Seventh Graders?


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Seventh graders can choose to tell minerals apart by using acid or learn about the Lenz Law and use a magnet through a copper tube. Education.com provides seventh graders a variety of science projects to choose from and offers all of the necessary instructions.

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Seventh grade students can study different weather patterns and determine whether or not it affects moods, learn how to make clouds and understand the water cycle or use a Doppler ultrasound to measure heart rates at different times of the day and during a variety of activities. In addition, students may choose to learn about how stress affects the body or how culverts affect plant growth in streams.

Technology-savvy students might enjoy completing a science project by comparing Facebook users to those who do not use Facebook. The idea behind this science project is to determine whether or not users are more lonely than those who do not use the social media website. Students who prefer astronomy can choose to create a barycenter. To complete this science project, students must have a wooden dowel, modeling clay, a food scale, string, an index card, a hole puncher and a ruler. Education.com explains how to make a barycenter and what the device is used for in complete detail.

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