What Are Good Science Activities for Sixth Graders?

What Are Good Science Activities for Sixth Graders?

Good science activities for sixth-grade students include games related to scientific terms, worksheets for practicing scientific procedures, and lab activities. Sixth-grade students can also create science projects such as an electromagnet or fruit-powered battery.

Sixth-grade science features many new terms that teachers have to pre-teach. Games such as word searches, crossword puzzles and Bingo help students remember these new terms.

Worksheets are a good way to help students learn scientific procedures. For example, students can follow instructions to plot out coordinates. Successfully completing this task unveils a mystery picture. Another activity leads students to locating coordinates on a grid.

Basic lab activities for sixth-grade students include exploring the lab and observing objects under a microscope. Students can also use the Internet for a science-related scavenger hunt.

To build an electromagnet, students wind copper wire around a nail and remove the insulation from the ends of the wire. They then place the nail near iron filings and touch the ends of the wire to either end of a dry cell battery. When the iron filings jump around, they've created the electromagnet.

Students can also transform a citrus fruit into a battery by inserting a zinc nail and a copper wire inside. The two shouldn't touch. They then remove the insulation from a holiday light and attach each end to either the nail or wire. The battery is successful when the light goes on.