What are some good schools for children with learning disabilities?


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Some good schools for children with learning disabilities include all-inclusive options such as Bromstone Primary School in the United Kingdom and boarding schools such as Brehm Preparatory in Carbondale, Illinois. Certain institutions, such as Athena Academy in Palo Alto, California, employ a specialized focus; its curriculum is geared toward children with dyslexia.

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In the United Kingdom, Bromstone Primary School boasts a student body that spans the educational spectrum of capabilities, seamlessly integrated and able to work together to satisfy needs and meet goals, both individually and collectively. Bromstone's philosophy is simple: every student contributes something of value to the school, no matter their skill level or academic achievement.

Brehm Preparatory, lauded by the United States Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, caters to sixth through twelfth grade students facing multi-faceted learning issues. Instruction for all students starts with a one-on-one approach; as skills and abilities develop, pupils join small classes of eight or nine students. Brehm is renowned for cutting edge teaching technology, such as digital textbooks and Kurzweil computer applications for literacy.

Neuroscience-based Athena Academy specifically serves dyslexic students sidelined by anxiety and uncertainty. Intensive, visual-spatial instruction aims to redirect a child's attention to his own creative ability and naturally curious nature. Unlike countless other institutions relying on antiquated phonics-based teaching techniques, Athena tracks the most current, cutting-edge neuroscience research to structure and implement improved instructional strategies.

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