What Are Some Good Facts About School Uniforms?

School uniforms help to close the gap between socioeconomic classes by having every student wear the same outfit to school. Although there have been many debates about school uniforms, regulating student clothing does have many advantages for the students.

Students who require student uniforms might benefit from higher self-esteem because they do not have to worry about the latest fashion trends. Instead of worrying about wearing that popular new brand, students can focus on getting good grades.

Uniforms may create a better learning environment because students are not distracted by clothing. The uniform reminds students that they are in school to learn, and then the environment becomes more about education and less about socialization.

Advocates of school uniforms claim that regulated attires decreases potential gang activity on school grounds. Uniforms prevent groups from forming based on attire, and they prevent students from hiding weapons underneath their clothing.

School uniforms help teachers, administrators and students to identify potential intruders. If everybody is required to wear a similar uniform, then people who do not belong to the school will stand out. This may prevent potential threats on the school.

Schools with required uniforms may have an improved sense of community. Students are more likely to befriend those of different races, socioeconomic classes and genders because their street clothing does not reveal potential stereotypes. This decrease in external differences can increase school spirit and promote teamwork.