What Are Some Good Scenery Supplies for a Diorama?


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Good scenery supplies for a diorama include rocks, shrubbery cuttings, grass, driftwood and twigs. Cotton balls and toothpicks also serve as adequate scenery supplies, as well as moss and small items belonging to the creator. Scenery supplies can also be purchased from websites such as Woodland Scenics, which specializes in professionally crafted items for dioramas and train displays.

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To help secure the scenery supplies in the diorama, use modeling clay and acrylic modeling paste. The clay can also be used to build small structures, and it can be painted with acrylic matte medium and various shades of acrylic paint.

Prior to diorama creation, place a plastic drop cloth over the work space and decide what scale to use. Obtain a ruler to ensure measurements are correct and to scale, as well as a container and spoon to mix paint colors, large paintbrushes for background work, small paintbrushes for detail work and applying glue, and cotton swabs and paper towels for clean up. Also locate or build a box to contain the diorama.

Begin creating the diorama from the background. Paint the sky and ground and allow to dry, and then arrange the scenery supplies until you achieve the desired look. Once you determine the look, glue the scenery pieces in place.

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