What Are Some Good Sayings for Recognition Awards?

What Are Some Good Sayings for Recognition Awards?

One good saying for a recognition award of someone's attitude is, "The strength to achieve this comes from your deep passion." Wording varies for other awards, such as excellence, leadership, service, success and teamwork.

A good saying for recognizing attitude is, "The greatest discovery you can make is that nothing is truly impossible." Another saying for recognizing someone's attitude is, "It's only by reaching for the stars that we raise ourselves as high as possible."

A good saying for recognizing someone's excellence is, "It takes a total commitment to excellence to achieve the ultimate performance." A simpler saying for recognizing excellence is, "In recognizing your constant commitment to achievement and excellence."

Some good and simple sayings for recognizing someone's leadership are, "Leading with brilliance" and "Always setting the pace." Another is, "Your leadership shapes our future with its vision and creativity."

One good phrase for recognizing someone's service is, "Dedication and hard work are the foundation for all achievements." Another is, "Your success reflects the passion, pride, and effort in which you live your life."

To recognize a group's teamwork, one good phrase is, "Teamwork fuels common people to very uncommon results." Another phrase is, "When a team of focused individuals dedicates themselves to working towards a common goal, the sky is the limit for their achievements."