What Are Some Good Sayings for an Appreciation Plaque?


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Good sayings for an appreciation plaque express the reason for the plaque and the achievements of the receiver, such as “For your generous donations and continuous support,” “Presented to you for your dedication and loyalty” and “Thank you for your outstanding commitment.” Other specific phrases may address a person’s generous time contributions, inspiration to others, talent and vision, or years of service. Excellent themes include development, goal reaching, teamwork, innovation and dedication.

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An appreciation plaque should include the phrase “Presented to” and the name of the recipient, in addition to a meaningful saying. The plaque should also include the name of the company or organization and any specific award names that apply. To honor a specific achievement, use a phrase such as “In recognition of.” To praise the recipient for a long-term or general accomplishment, use a phrase such as “In appreciation for.”

As an appreciation plaque saying should be relatively short. Good sayings to convey a great deal of meaning in a few words include “above and beyond,” “dedication and diligence,” “visionary guidance” and “unyielding leadership.” Good sports coach sayings for an appreciation plaque include themes such as inspiration, teaching and encouragement for coaches, and messages about how they made a difference in the lives of the players.

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