What Are Some Good Free Sample Math Quizzes?


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Some good sample math quizzes for a variety of ages can be found on Math4Children.com, Mathopolis.com, KidsMathGamesOnline.com and HelpingWithMath.com. Printable and online quizzes are available for home or classroom use.

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Math4Children.com offers interactive math quizzes for children in preschool through eighth grade. Early elementary school children complete sample questions about number patterns, addition and money, while middle school students solve algebraic expressions and convert ratios to fractions. The site also publishes sample end-of-grade math quizzes for kindergarten through sixth grade.

The free online math quizzes on Mathopolis.com are for students in second grade through college. Grade-level concepts include counting, basic operations, telling time and money at the elementary school level; algebra, linear equations and probability at the middle school and high school level; and calculus and trigonometry at the college level. General sample quizzes for each level are also available.

KidsMathGamesOnline.com and HelpingWithMath.com have some good pen-and-paper math quizzes. KidsMathGamesOnline.com hosts several 10-question sample quizzes on various math concepts, such as addition, division, money and shapes. The site also has quizzes on fractions, decimals and general math skills. HelpingWithMath.com's printable quizzes are browsable by grade or by subject, and cover math concepts taught in kindergarten through eighth grade. Quiz topics include basic operations, word problems, geometry and statistics.

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