What Are Some Good Resources for Learning Spoken English?


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Three good resources for learning to speak English include the BBC's Learning English site, TalkEnglish.com and Lets-Talk-In-English.com. All three sites include lessons specifically geared towards speaking English and making it sound natural.

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Lets-Talk-In-English.com offers various ways to practice speaking English, including videos with subtitles, language games, forums to talk with other members and links to video lessons on other sites. The site boasts membership of over 26,000 from over 150 countries.

The BBC has a comprehensive English speaking site with three levels of courses and seven different features to help English learners. These features include Lingohack, which purports to teach key vocabulary from the week's news stories. Another feature is the Drama feature, which features a podcast and transcript to help learners listen and follow along to famous stories such as Gulliver's Travels. Everything from grammar tips to interjection explanations and more can be found on this site.

TalkEnglish.com is a straightforward site that claims to have over 900 lessons on English as well as over 9,000 audio files. The English speaking lessons include basics, general English lessons, business English, travel English, and idioms and phrases. Listening lessons include three levels from basic to advanced. Extras on the site include basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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