What Are Some Good Resources for Learning Spanish Online?

What Are Some Good Resources for Learning Spanish Online?

Good resources for learning Spanish online include RocketLanguages.com, StudySpanish.com, RosettaStone.com and SpanishPod101.com, as of 2015. Each resource offers either free content or a free trial with premium content available for a fee.

RocketLanguages.com uses a testing feature for most of its Spanish lessons. The user hears a Spanish phrase, records himself saying the phrase, and receives a grade from the site on his pronunciation. He then hears a phrase and must type it correctly. The site provides English words and phrases, and the user types the English equivalents.

StudySpanish.com offers free content for users to study and also allows users to take tests for free. The premium membership offers more content and is included within the site's Spanish audio CD course. It also offers a course focusing on conversational Spanish.

RosettaStone.com uses a language immersion program, during which the user listens to Spanish and repeats what he hears. At certain points in the program, it recommends scheduling an appointment with a native language Rosetta Stone tutor to enhance learning.

SpanishPod101.com offers audio and video Spanish lessons. Each lesson has notes for the user to read, and the site also offers additional learning tools, such as flashcards and vocabulary exercises. SpanishPod101.com offers a smartphone application, as well.