What Are Some Good Resources for Learning the English Language?


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Good resources for learning the English language include Purdue's Online Writing Lab, Dave's ESL Cafe and Breaking News English. These courses focus primarily on teaching the student basic English grammar and usage, emphasizing different verb tenses and the proper usage of nouns.

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Websites such as the ESL Lounge teach users different parts of speech and vocabulary in a variety of exercises that the website separates by the degree of difficulty. Websites such as Using English are simply reference guides that teach students different major parts of speech and their correct usages. The website's five-minute English program teaches students in short time periods using a variety of exercises and lessons while also providing different resources for students such as books and schools that help students learn the English language.

Popular resources for students to learn spelling and punctuation include Business English Lessons that use audio clips to teach the students proper pronunciation for words that may be difficult for foreign speakers to pronounce. Websites such as Antimoon use audio to help students recognize different sounds and learn to use the correct intonation. For users who want to learn specific words, websites such as Learn That Word allow users to narrow down their lessons by searching for those commonly misspelled words.

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