What Are Some Good Resources for Examples of Prefixes and Suffixes?

What Are Some Good Resources for Examples of Prefixes and Suffixes?

The University of Alabama website, OxfordDictionaries.com, EnchantedLearning.com and MyEnglishTeacher.eu are some good resources for examples of prefixes and suffixes. All four websites publish lists of common affixes, and some offer other features such as prefix and suffix meanings, instructional explanations and practice activities.

The Center for Academic Success at the University of Alabama publishes an online resource with short lists of common prefixes and suffixes. Some of the letter groups include meanings, and they all include example words.

Oxford Dictionaries offers a basic list of prefixes and suffixes that includes a common root word and a new word for each affix. The resource also includes information on new suffixes and prefixes that emerge as language and technology shift, such as the prefix "e" and the word "email."

EnchantedLearning.com provides a brief definition of suffixes and prefixes with examples of how both are used to form new words. Visitors also have access to two short lists containing 12 suffixes or prefixes each. The meaning of each affix and at least two example words are also included.

MyEnglishTeacher.eu has longer lists of prefixes and suffixes that provide meanings and examples for each. This resource also provides an explanation of combining forms in comparison to prefixes and offers several examples of each.