What Are Some Good Resources for Facts About the Day You Were Born?


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HistoryOrb.com offers historical facts about any specific date in history. To find out information about a specific date, such as one's birth date, use the Date Search feature on the right side of the homepage.

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While HistoryOrb.com allows for a search that includes a month, day and year, there are other resources that can search by month and date only, displaying events from a variety of years across time. DatesInHistory.com is one such website, featuring a calendar that users can click on to find historical events for a particular date. The search feature on HistoryOrb.com would offer results relating to the itme period and current events around the time of a person's birth. On the other hand, a person who is more interested in the date without the year, including people who share a person's birthday or events that took place on one's birthday some years earlier may find DatesInHistory.com to be more useful.

One additional option is to research news from the date of one's birth. Using a search engine or a search feature on the website of a news outlet may provide information more specific to a geographic region at the time of interest. One can use search terms such as, "News Chicago Tribune July 1, 1973" to find articles from the date specified.

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