What Are Some Good Resouces for Third-Grade Spelling Tests?


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Some good resources for third-grade spelling tests include word lists, spelling list worksheets and dictation practice activities available through websites like Super Teacher Worksheets and K12 Reader. Teachers can also use collaborative learning groups to help students prepare for spelling tests, suggests Auburn University.

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K12 Reader's 36-week third grade spelling program offers worksheets with the spelling words to learn and places to write the words to practice spelling through repetition. Each worksheet is assigned for a particular week, so teachers can use a week's list for suitable words to test on. This site's resources are good for spelling test preparation since it features dictation exercises that help students better understand the relationship between how words are both spelled and used, notes K12 Reader.

Super Teacher Worksheets has a collection of third grade spelling units teachers can use to create and prepare students for spelling tests. It has a more diverse variety of resources than K12 Reader and features puzzle games, writing practice, a spelling test template and alphabetical order exercises, which involve having children group, write or sort their spelling list words in alphabetical order.

When preparing students for a spelling test using any of these resources, it is recommended that teachers group the words in a logical manner, such as by suffix or common phonogram, suggests Auburn University. After introducing the words to the class, teachers can create games that cooperative learning groups can use for practice, as well as have the students take practice tests.

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