What Are Some Good Relaxing Words?

What Are Some Good Relaxing Words?

Examples of words that are related to relaxation include warmth, peace, enjoy, smile and light. Additional words that are considered relaxing are caress, breeze, water and breathe.

One way to use these words for relaxing is to close the eyes and imagine scenes or situations that relate to the words. For example, the word "warmth" might conjure up images of a warm and relaxing beach or a warm sunny field full of flowers and soft grass. The word "smile" can make one smile simply by thinking about it, or it may bring images to mind of the smiles on loved ones' faces.

Water is commonly associated with relaxing. Many people find lying on the beach, lounging in a boat or listening to a trickling stream to be relaxing.

Another way to use these words is to combine them in sentences that inspire a sense of relaxation. An example of this is "The light from the sun suffuses limbs with warmth and peace radiates from inside." Another example is "The gentle breeze is like a caress against soft skin."

Breathing is an important element of relaxation. Many people find that taking several deep breaths with the eyes closed helps relax the mind.