What Are Some Good Reading Games for Fourth Graders?

good-reading-games-fourth-graders Credit: Jani Bryson/E+/Getty Images

Reading games for fourth-grade students include online games as well as interactive games that involve parents. Interactive games that are available on ReadWriteThink encourage reading comprehension of stories. Puzzles and board games can be printed from Education.com to help children feel more comfortable with spelling and word usage.

Many websites offer online games for students to practice spelling, verb agreement and other language skills. Funbrain provides reading games and Web versions of popular children's books. Knowledge Adventure has a wide variety of games sorted by subject and grade level, including categories for both word games in general and reading-specific games.

On FunBrain, "The Grammar Gorillas" involves two gorillas that need help identifying parts of speech. The student must click on the correct word in a sentence to help the gorillas get a banana.

"The Plural Girls" features two friends who are lost in a bubble machine. The student helps the friends escape by choosing the correct plural form of the given word.

In the game "Word Confusion," the student chooses the correct word to complete each sentence to help a character make a fresh salad.

"Rooting Out Words" entails helping a dog gather mushrooms that it can sell at a market by identifying correct root words.