What Are Some Good Reading Comprehension Exercises?


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Reading comprehension exercises involve learning vocabulary used in the story or passage, visualizing what is happening, relating the reading to personal experience and reading to answer questions. Each type of exercise aids in improving comprehension at a different level, from basic understanding of text meaning to inferring and synthesizing information.

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One exercise to help students learn unfamiliar vocabulary in a reading is to have them look up definitions of the words and write sentences using them. Another activity is to have them derive the meaning of the words from the context of the sentence. Letting students visualize what is happening by describing the scene or drawing it increases engagement with the story, motivating them to think about it. Thinking aloud while reading a story encourages students to stop and reflect as they read. The teacher can model this by asking, "Does this remind you of something that happened in your life?" or "Why did the author put that in the story?" Similar think-aloud techniques include having students work together in small groups and having them do it independently. They may then use their answers to reason out why something happened or determine which parts of the reading are most important.

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