What Are Some Good Quotes to a Son From a Mom?


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A quote for an older teen aged son is: "Time flies, so enjoy it while it lasts. Work hard and do well, but make it a blast." Another quote appropriate as advice and for the same age is one by Ursula Burns. She said that one's work must be compelling as much time is spent doing it. A mom could tell her son that she is his best friend, as expressed by Joseph Stephano.

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There are quotes about a mother's love and support for her son, as well as advice to him. There is also advice to mothers as to how to raise sons properly, and quotes about a son's responsibility to his family. Many of these expressions can be changed in order to be spoken directly to a son.

Early 19th-century author Washington Irving, generally accepted as having written "elegantly," stated that the endearing tenderness of a mother's love for her son transcends all the other affections of one's heart. Actress Farrah Fawcett said that her first priority was to support her son. According to Anne Bronte, to have a son who walks honorably throughout the world, a mother must allow him to walk alone, without her leading by the hand. Chanakya, said that just as a lone withered tree set ablaze could burn an entire forest, so could a "rascal" son ruin an entire family.

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