What Are Some Good Quotes About Being Let Down?


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Some good quotes about being let down are Eliza Tabor's quote, "Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal" and Henry David Thoreau's assertion that "we shall find compensation in every disappointment." By contrast, Thomas Jefferson's quote about being let down says that the sooner a person meets disappointment, the longer the person has to overcome it. Martin Luther King Jr. adds that despite disappointments, a person should "never lose infinite hope."

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Tabor says that when disappointment comes to a noble person, it is like cold water meeting hot metal. When cold water meets hot metal, Tabor says, the water strengthens and shapes the metal but never destroys it. In this way, Tabor says that a let down shapes a person and builds the person's character, but disappointment can't destroy a noble person.

Similarly, Thoreau says that a person must be ready and quiet to find the benefit or compensation hidden in each let down. Like Jefferson's quote that meeting disappointment sooner rather than later gives a person more time to overcome the disappointment, a similar quote with an unknown author warns not to let today's let downs cloud the dreams of tomorrow. Similarly, King says that a person must accept disappoint, but he can do so without losing hope. King also says that a person can't suffer strong disappointment if he does not have strong love. Les Brown echo's King's sentiment with the quote that a person who suffers disappointment should put his head down and "plow ahead."

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