What Are Some Good Questions for Yearbook Interviews?

Good questions for yearbook interviews usually stem from school activities such as sports, academics, music and student government. Walsworth Yearbooks recommends flexible questioning as a way to achieve a conversational tone.

Interview questions involving teams and clubs have built-in personal interest. Sports interviews feature prominently in many yearbook spreads, as athletic teams represent school pride in a directly competitive way. Questions involving academic achievement, such as the work necessary to become valedictorian, provide an important record of students who have excelled in the classroom. Organizations such as band, chorus and student government typically involve a large segment of the student population, and all are good starting points for interview possibilities.

Having the ability to deviate from a list of scripted questions often leads to more natural interviews, according to Walsworth Yearbooks. Remaining flexible during an interview is important, because questions that only beg yes or no responses often fail to capture the essence or flavor of a story. Open-ended questions help interview subjects relax and lead more natural, descriptive conversations about school events. For example, instead of asking an athlete if he enjoyed winning the big game, an interviewer can ask what it was like to be on the court when the final buzzer sounded.