Which Are Some Good Quality Student Dictionaries?


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Examples of good quality student dictionaries are Webster's New World Student's dictionary, The New Oxford American Dictionary and The American Heritage Student dictionary. These dictionaries are of good quality because the language they use in the definitions is easy enough for students to understand, they have example sentences, and they are very comprehensive.

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Webster's New World Student Dictionary is ideal for most students. It does not use complex syntax, and the definitions are easy to understand. This dictionary has illustrations, maps, word origins and pronunciation guides that help students to use it effectively.

The New Oxford American Dictionary is very comprehensive, and it contains a large number of entries. The definition of each entry is also quite comprehensive, addressing the subtle differences in the meaning of words that may appear similar. There are also lots of examples that help students learn how to use the word in a sentence.

The American Heritage Student Dictionary is very colorful, and its design appeals to students. It also has an introduction section that instructs children on how to use the dictionary in order to get the most out of it. There are a lot of spot illustrations, color pictures, drawings and tables. Several pages have notes in the margins that provide details on the history of a word and its usage. There is also a section titled "Writers Choose Their Words" that has quotations from notable authors in which they used a specific word.

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