What Are Some Good PSAT Study Tips?

What Are Some Good PSAT Study Tips?

Good PSAT study tips include learning the format of the test, focusing on understanding concepts instead of memorization, and reading often. The test's sections are critical reading, writing, and math, as of 2015, so focus on studying those subjects. Free practice tests are available on Petersons.com and StudyGuideZone.com.

The critical reading section of the test has sentence completion and passage-based reading questions. For sentence completion questions, the sentence has one or two blank spaces; choose the answer with the words that best complete the sentence. In passage-based reading questions, answer questions referring to the provided passage.

The writing section has questions on identifying errors in sentences, improving sentences and improving paragraphs. For error identification questions, select the portion of the sentence that has an error. For sentence and paragraph improvement questions, select the correct version of a portion of a sentence or paragraph.

The math section contains multiple choice questions, in which you must select the correct answer to a math problem, and grid-in questions, in which you must write the correct answer. The grid-in section is the only section of the test that doesn't penalize incorrect answers.

Since the PSAT provides all the necessary information, including math formulas, it's not helpful to spend time memorizing information while studying. Reading is useful for studying because it improves critical thinking skills, which are a key element of the PSAT.