What Are Some Good Prompts for Beginning a Story?


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One example of a writing prompt is to write a story about a babysitter who is snooping around the family's house and finds a disturbing photograph. Another prompt is to write a story about a man who tells his parents that he is getting a divorce and the parents take the wife's side.

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Writing prompts for stories can be in the form of a specific plot idea or formulated from three different elements. The object with the three elements is to combine them into one story. For a bigger challenge, the three elements can be added into the story from the plot idea. A broken wristwatch, peppermints and a hug that goes too far are examples of three elements that can be used in a story. A horoscope, makeup and a missing tooth are other examples of this prompt form.

Another way to generate ideas for writing a story is to just start writing. The key to this is to stop thinking that a story idea comes in an event of inspiration and to think of it as a process instead. A good idea is to start writing about anything that is interesting, whether it's a place, person or subject.

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