What Are Good Prerequisite Courses for Computer Science Majors?


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Good prerequisite courses for majoring in computer science include math and science, including physics and chemistry. Students considering majoring in computer science should also complete significant coursework in English because communication is an important skill for computer scientists.

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Most college computer science programs require students to take a number of courses in math and science, so taking math and science classes in high school prepares the computer science major for those challenges. Laboratory science classes teach students to think analytically and also to help students identify areas of interest for college study. Because computer scientists need to speak with employers and co-workers and deliver reports on technology-related topics, English classes make good prerequisite courses for computer science majors.

A student wishing to major in computer science likely benefits from exploring computer science coursework available at the high-school level. A high school might offer basic computer science, and it might offer more advanced coursework like database management and computer programming. If a high school offers ancillary technology courses such as Web design, these are also good prerequisites for advanced study in computer programming. Some high school schools offer an advanced placement computer science course that students may complete to earn college credits.

Additionally, a student wishing to major in computer programming should take courses that familiarize the student with programming languages. In a computer science major, a student spends significant time learning various coding languages such as HTML, PHP and JavaScript. While high schools might offer classes in programming, many websites and enrichment opportunities offer further coursework that develops programming skills.

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