What Are Some Good Practice Tests for ESOL Reading Comprehension?

What Are Some Good Practice Tests for ESOL Reading Comprehension?

Some good practice tests for ESOL reading comprehension can be found at UsingEnglish.com, ESLFlow.com, Seminole State College and InfoSquares.com. These sites all offer reading comprehension exercises and tests with answer keys.

UsingEnglish.com offers links to a variety of reading comprehension exercises from different language organizations, including Cambridge ESOL and IELTS Australia. The site features tests for all levels of proficiency, along with more specialized reading comprehension exams for subjects such as business English.

ESLFlow.com offers short articles and exams on a range of subjects, including current events, sports and environmental issues. The site also features general reading comprehension exercises and worksheets to improve reading skills.

Seminole State College offers a series of tutorials students can study before taking corresponding reading comprehension exams. The site offers exams for all levels of proficiency, from foundational to intermediate to advanced. The exams are available to download in the form of PowerPoint presentations.

InfoSquares.com features a large selection of unique and engaging articles accompanied by short reading tests. The site’s content spans a wide range of subjects, from history, science and politics to more esoteric pieces, such as an explanation of Sweden’s unusual eavesdropping law. Students can read the articles and then answer a short series of questions, with explanations of answers provided upon completion.