What Are Some Good Practice Methods for the SAT Comprehension Test?

Good ways to practice for the SAT reading comprehension test include covering the answer choices, skimming the passages and summarizing the passages. It is important to have a good night’s sleep for two nights prior to taking the test to be physically and mentally prepared.

Covering the answer choices is helpful for the sentence completion section of the test. Using context clues provided to think of a word that best completes the sentence before selecting an answer choice closest to it increases the chance of finding the right answer. People who go directly to the answers tend to justify their choices or choose options with which they are most comfortable.

Skimming the passages is a good tip for slow readers. The critical reading section is difficult to complete in the stipulated time and may result in guessing the last few questions to finish the test. Skimming the passages helps to get the essential points in each paragraph and the big picture of the passage.

Taking a few seconds to think about each paragraph helps to keep track of what the passage is about. Explaining each paragraph in a few words in the margin helps to spare precious time by avoiding rereading the entire passage or paragraph to track down an answer.