What Are Good Practice Math Problems for 6th Graders?


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Good practice math problems for a sixth grader include word problems, multiplication and division of decimals, dividing fractions and figuring out square roots. Some sixth graders are also ready to tackle problems from geometry or algebra.

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If a sixth grader is trying to reinforce what she is learning in school, she should search online for practice problems that deal directly with the topic being studied at school. There are a number of websites like IXL and AdaptedMind that have practice problems focused on a range of mathematical concepts. These problems can be completed online, or the sites can be used to generate worksheets.

If a sixth grader is interested in exploring more than she is currently doing at school, she should look into practical math. Practical math problems include problems about measurements and money. An example of a measurement problem is converting between Celsius and Fahrenheit or metric and imperial.

Story problems are also good practice math problems for sixth graders. An example of a story problem is as follows: "If someone owns one red cat and three black cats, what is the ratio of red cats to black cats?" The answer to this problem is the ratio of 1:3.

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