What Are Some Good Practice Homework Sheets for Second Graders?

What Are Some Good Practice Homework Sheets for Second Graders?

Homophone Story, Comparing Three-Digit Numbers, Classroom Spells, Pairs of Pears and Airplane Trip are some second-grade worksheets for homework practice. These titles and similar free printables are available from TLSBooks.com, JumpStart, SoftSchools.com and Super Teacher Worksheets, as of 2015.

Homophone Story from TLSBooks.com builds reading and language skills. Students read a simple story and choose the correct homophone from the word box to complete each blank. This homework practice sheet is a PDF and includes an answer key.

Multiple worksheets for comparing three-digit numbers can be found at SoftSchools.com. Students apply their knowledge of place value to complete 14 comparison problems that meet Common Core State Standard 2.NBT.4. This printable worksheet also includes an answer key.

Classroom Spells is a spelling practice sheet for second graders from JumpStart. The color worksheet features five pictures of common classroom objects. Students use their knowledge of phonetic sounds to spell the word on the blank line provided. The sheet can be downloaded as a PDF or printed directly from the browser.

Another second-grade practice sheet from JumpStart, Pairs of Pears allows students to practice money concepts by matching groups of coins and/or bills with the correct numerical amount shown.

Airplane Trip is a reading comprehension worksheet from Super Teacher Worksheets. Students read a one-page story about Jake and his first airplane trip, and then answer multiple-choice and open-response questions that relate to what they've read. An answer key is included.