What Are Some Good Pieces of Advice for Writing a Story?


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Some valuable pieces of advice for writing a story include developing your protagonist creating suspense and drama through the plot and characters, and showing, not telling. You should also work to create believable dialogue and edit your story once a draft is complete.

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The first step to writing a story is to determine character and a plot. There are many basic plots a story can follow, such as "man vs. nature" and "man vs. man." These plots are good starting points because they are so universal. Work to show the plot through action and characters, rather than just describing events.

A protagonist is sometimes more difficult to develop, but a good protagonist is essential to a story. A protagonist must be active, and he or she must make decisions that propel the plot. In this way, character and plot are closely entwined. For example, a protagonist who wants to climb a mountain (a man vs. nature plot) would make several decisions that determine the actions and outcome.

Dialogue is one of the most difficult parts of writing a story and is also closely connected to character development. You can write more effective dialogue by knowing what your characters like and dislike and what makes them sound different from other characters.

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