What Are Some Good Pearson Practice Tests?


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Pearsoned.com provides practice tests for programs for pre-kindergarten to grade 12, as well as higher learning and professional levels. Practice tests are available for the English proficiency tests at pearsonpte.com and for standardized grade school tests at parcc.pearson.com.

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Practice tests are available for the Pearson general English and business English, as well as tests for young learners. .The Pharmacy College Admission Test has practice tests available through registration at tpc-etesting.com. The PARCC home page contains English language arts/literacy and mathematics practice tests for grades three, four through five, and six through 11.

Pearson provides a number of assessment tools to support professional learning. These tools, such as the Automated Language Assessment, the Clinical Assessment, the Large Scale Assessment, the Learning Assessment and the Talent Assessment, among others, all provide some level of practice assessment. Pearsonassessments.com provides access to support, but some assessments must be scheduled directly with the publisher.

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