What Are Some Good PDF Textbooks?

Examples of textbooks and educational handbooks available online are "Calculus" from Wellesley-Cambridge Press and "Prentice Hall Biology" by Miller and Levine. These and other e-books are available through school websites, such as Cambridge University, through links provided through school websites, or through media and publishing companies such as Pearson.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Calculus comes with an online instructor's manual and study guide. Readers can either open the entire textbook as one file or download individual chapters from the book. The books and chapters are in PDF format, and so require Adobe Reader to open them. Prentice Hall Biology is available for viewing directly on the Pearson website. A scroll-down menu on the left side enables students to choose chapter sections. Book quizzes and assignments are also posted on the site, as well as photos and illustrations accompanying the text.

Stanford University and Cambridge University have collections of links to e-books from several sources, including The National Academies Press, O'Reilly Open Books Project, Open Book Project, University of Arizona Press and University of Adelaide Press. Some of the e-books available through these mediums are free to read, whereas other require purchase, such as Science Direct's Adhesion and Adhesives Technology. Such websites often provide a free abstract or sample pages.