What Are Some Good Pathophysiology Practice Tests?


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Some good pathophysiology practice tests are available at websites such as ProProfs.com and Cram.com. Students going into the health field may need to take pathophysiology courses. Pathophysiology is the study of how the function of the body or its organs physically change as the result of a disease, as noted by Healthline.

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The Cram website provides a final test that consists of 20 matching questions where students must match items in column A with the correct answer in column B. The questions asked are on conditions, such as Cushing syndrome and diabetes insipidus. For example, students need to match Cushing syndrome with the question referencing the fact that this condition is associated with an excess of cortisol, as noted by Cram. After finishing the exam, students can get the answer key for the test. This website also has flashcards that are useful for studying the questions and answers for this pathophysiology test.

At the ProProfs website, there are a number of pathophysiology tests on different topics or conditions, including asthma, the central nervous system and the lungs. However, there are many other practice tests with answer keys that students can take to prepare for a final exam. The pathophysiology test on anemia and coagulation consists of 70 questions, while the test on the cardiovascular system has over 50 questions.

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