What Are Some Good Part-Time Jobs for Students?


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Good part-time jobs for students are those that work around classes and student schedules. Some examples include on-campus jobs or tutoring for those who want to work on or close to campus. Restaurant work and package handling are other options that provide shift work but are not related to education.

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Many college campuses hire students for on-campus jobs in areas including administrative support, computer lab, research, housing and food service. The majority of these jobs pay minimum wage, require 20 hours per week and offer flexible hours. Tutoring is another school-related option, but it's typically offered only to college juniors or seniors who have good academic track records. Hours depend on the number of students the person wants to take on at a time. Pay varies but is generally high.

Restaurant work is compatible with student life because employees generally work at night and on weekends. Pay varies for servers or bartenders and depends on the establishment's policies and state law. Hosts and cooks typically earn regular hourly wages.

Package handling is an option with companies that offer part-time shifts in the afternoon, evening or very early morning. Pay depends on the region and the company, and some companies offer tuition assistance programs.

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