What Are Some Good Online Writing Tests?


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A variety of online writing tests is available on WizIQ.com, EnglishTestStore.net and Evergreen Valley College's practice exam. These tests offer a wide range of topics including academic test writing, business memos, constructing basic sentences, grammar and spelling.

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A comprehensive site for writing tests online is WizIQ.com. It offers a wide range of topics with free testing on the basics of sentence construction and reading comprehension to writing business letters and medical exams. Each topic has a number of multiple choice questions, and after the test is completed, results are immediately displayed. Each test can be taken multiple times. There are several pricing plans for more complete academic products available on WizIQ such as virtual classroom, video streaming and private tutoring.

The WST practice exam is timed for 45 minutes. There are five passages that require answering multiple choice questions regarding underlined sections of the test, with the correct answers given after completion. A 10-step program is available at EnglishTestStore.net, beginning with rearranging sentences for clarity and flow, ranging from easy to hard. This is followed by sentence transformation and construction, culminating with choosing a given topic and writing an essay. This website also tests retention by listening to a conversation through headphones or speakers and then choosing the correct answers.

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