What Are Some Good Online Writing Classes?

Travel writing at Writer’s Digest University, creative writing at UCLA Extension and crafting short fiction at Hollins University are some good online writing classes. Writing and the environment at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is another good online writing class.

Travel Writing is a course at Writer’s Digest University that teaches students how to explore various types of articles they can write and develop their own unique writing style. Students also learn writing tips, including how to take pictures. The class teaches students how to write engaging articles that draw the attention of travel editors.

UCLA Extension’s creative writing class provides students the opportunity to connect with writers from all over the world. Students can choose from over 100 courses in television writing, creative nonfiction and feature film writing. Writing classes are usually 10 weeks long, but some classes are six or 12 weeks long.

Crafting Short Fiction at Hollins University teaches students how to write original works of short fiction. Students share their works online and receive feedback from their peers. Students also learn methods for developing a sense of character, language and structure. The course requires participants to share a piece of writing that they admire and analyze the characteristics of the work that attracts them.

Writing and the Environment at Massachusetts Institute of Technology features writing exercises along with examples from the participants. The course’s objective is to help students come up with prose. Students have the opportunity to experiment with several ways of explaining natural environments.