Where Are Some Good Online Sources for Process Writing?

Where Are Some Good Online Sources for Process Writing?

Good sources of information about process writing can be found at teachingenglish.org.uk, time4writing.com, liferichpublishing.com and owl.english.purdue.edu. This five-step process involves pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing, which all help get writers' ideas on paper. It is also a way for writers to personalize the writing process to a variety of projects.

In the pre-writing phase, writers brainstorm, research, gather information and outline ideas. The use of diagrams and mind-maps is common at this stage. Writers should also think about their audience and the purpose of their work. For older, more accomplished writers, thesis statements should begin to emerge at this point.

The drafting phase is when writers organize their words to articulate ideas and clarify their arguments.

The revision phase is for reviewing, changing and reorganizing text so that the tone, style and content of the work fits the target audience. The main goal of this phase is to further develop the working draft.

Editing involves proofreading and correcting grammar, strengthening mechanics and clarifying style. Getting feedback from others is helpful at this stage.

Publishing is the last step of the writing process, and the final product should be ready to share with others. With the proper use of technology, the final product can also be shared online.

This step-wise approach to the writing process empowers authors by encouraging them to talk about and reflect on their work before finalizing and presenting it to wider audiences.