What Are Some Good Online Math Courses?


The amount of student engagement and level of instruction in an online course can vary, but some good online math courses include Algebra Basics and Precalculus from Khan Academy, as well as Calculus with Applications from MIT OpenCourseWare. Both Khan Academy and OpenCourseWare provide a number of free, open-access online math classes.

Khan Academy provides online math lessons and courses for students from elementary school level to college level. Topics range from arithmetic to calculus. The course, Algebra Basics, is a good choice for students needing help with high school or college math placement exams. The course covers basic algebra, pre-algebra and geometry.

Another course on Khan Academy, Precalculus, gives students instruction on fundamental math concepts, problems and techniques students need to know before the study of higher math levels such as calculus and trigonometry. The course is video-based, making it much like watching a tutor demonstrate a math solution.

Online math classes from OpenCourseWare allow students to engage in the same instructional material used by students taking similar math classes on-campus at MIT. The class, Calculus with Applications, provides students with access to a set of interactive online tools to support the practice of math problems, a glossary of calculus terminology and a full set of lecture notes from the undergraduate class in the form of an online textbook.