What Are Some Good Online Latin Pronunciation Guides?


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Find online Latin pronunciation guides at Preces-Latinae.org, CMed.Faculty.Ku.Edu and OrbiLat.com. Find a guide to pronouncing Latin syllables, accents and letters at Preces-Latinae.org. This website includes charts for various letters and letter combinations alongside example pronunciations. It also distinguishes between classical pronunciation and Ecclesiastical pronunciation.

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Find a sung Ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation guide at CMed.Faculty.Ku.Edu. This website includes pronunciation guides for vowels, two vowels together and consonants. It also provides example words for each pronunciation guides.

Find a pronunciation guide to classical Latin at OrbiLat.com. The website provides extensive notes for pronunciation of letters, vowels, syllables and explains where to place the accent on each word. It also educates on how Latin pronunciation has changed over time.

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