What Are Some Good Online Intelligence Tests?

What Are Some Good Online Intelligence Tests?

What Are Some Good Online Intelligence Tests?

IQ-test.dk, Tip Top Free IQ Test and FunEducation IQ Test are all online exams people can take to test their IQ. Other free online tests include IQOut.com and IQ Test Center.

IQ-test.dk is a free online test consisting of 39 questions. The time limit is 40 minutes, and test takers get instant results. This test is advertised as being culture-fair and based on logic. It has no age requirement.

Tip Top Free IQ Test, another free online test, consists of 40 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes. Results are instant, and there are no age requirements. This test is supposed to be very accurate.

IQTest.com does not have a time limit for its 38 questions, but the timing does affect the score. This test is appropriate for native English speakers.

FunEducation's IQ Test is for people over 18. There is no time limit for answering the 43 questions. Though free, the FunEducation test requires registration. The test is based on a psychometric exam that measures cognitive performance in areas such as word analysis and spatial reasoning.

IQOut.com lets users take 26 minutes and 15 seconds to answer 35 questions. This test consists of a pattern recognition form of questioning.

IQ Test Center has testing appropriate for ages 8 to 60, with no time limit for the 60 questions. This test is also supposed to be culture-free and is based on images.