What Are Some Good Online Games for Third Graders?


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Some online games for third graders include "Cash Out," "Change Maker," "Bouncing Letters," "Solar System Maker," "Rooting Out Words" and "Math Arcade." These games are found at educational sites, such as Funbrain, Mr. Nussbaum and Knowledge Adventure. Many of the games at these websites are fun and also help students with different school subjects.

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The Funbrain site provides a variety of games in subjects such as English language arts, reading, science and math. Some of these games include "Rooting Out Words," "Tic Tac Toe Squares" and "Weather Dog." There are many games that are for entertainment purposes, such as "Roly Poly Rodeo," "Turtle Wax" and "Penguin Drop." The Funbrain website is run by a company that is affiliated with Pearson, the education company.

At the Mr. Nussbaum website, there are 77 games provided in different school subjects, including social science, math and literacy. Some games found on this site are "Cash Out," "Defeat the Math Monster," "Conquer the States" and "Spelling Central." A favorite game of Mr. Nussbaum is "Cash Out," as stated on the website. This is a money game that entails students playing the role of a cashier giving the correct change back to customers.

The Knowledge Adventure site also has a variety of games that are appropriate for third graders, such as "Gold Fishing," "Maze Race" and "Math Search." All three of these sites also provide many games for other grade levels.

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