What Are Some Good Online ESOL Courses for Learning English?

What Are Some Good Online ESOL Courses for Learning English?

The web site esolcourses.com offers a variety of free lessons, quizzes and games for students studying English. Lessons are organized into categories for vocabulary, listening, reading and writing. Additional lessons on the web site offer specialized instruction in learning English for the work place and the nuances of life and language in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Free ESOL courses are also offered at learn-english-online.org. Lessons are organized according to a learner's level of proficiency. Students can learn fundamental English skills to establish basic knowledge through 11 introductory units.

U.S.A. Learns offers free English lessons through videos and games hosted at usalearns.org. The site requires users to submit contact information and create a password protected account. With an account, users can save test results and bookmark their progress through the courses.

Breaking News English gives students an innovative approach for learning English through lessons with content from current events in the news media. Breakingnewsenglish.com offers over 2,000 lessons at seven different levels of proficiency.

The online writing lab of Purdue University offers free handouts and worksheets for students of the English language. Resources primarily include lessons on grammar and mechanics as well as explanations and tips for the workplace.