What Are Some Good Object Lessons for Kids?


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"A Lesson in Honesty" and "Once It's Out, You Can't Put It Back" are some good object lessons for kids. "A Lesson in Honesty" uses ice cream, salt and chocolate syrup to demonstrate the importance of admitting mistakes. "Once It's Out, You Can't Put It Back" illustrates the lasting effects of bullying and name-calling using a can of processed cheese spread.

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Begin "A Lesson in Honesty" by asking the class if anyone likes ice cream. Choose a volunteer to come to the front of the room, place a scoop of ice cream in a bowl, and generously sprinkle it with salt. Respond to the typical reactions of the children with a brief discussion about good and bad choices. Apologize to the volunteer, cover the salt with chocolate syrup, and offer him a spoonful.

Ask the volunteer if the chocolate syrup changed the bad choice you made, or if it ruined the ice cream. Explain how the syrup is similar to covering up the truth with a lie, and then encourage the class to brainstorm ways to make the ice cream better. Close the lesson by reviewing the importance of good choices and honest behaviors before serving the class individual bowls of ice cream with chocolate syrup.

To teach "Once It's Out, You Can't Put It Back," give a cracker to a child near the front of the room, and offer him some cheese spread. Spray an excess of cheese onto the cracker, apologize for dispensing too much, and then ask him to put some back into the can. This nearly impossible task is a good way to begin a discussion about the potential damage of angry remarks or hurtful conversations.

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