What Are Some Good Ninth Grade Math Worksheets?


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Some useful ninth grade math worksheets are on topics like basic understanding of numbers, algebra, measurement systems, geometry, probability and statistics, as noted by the Math Worksheet Center. Ninth grade students may need a variety of algebra worksheets to practice different concepts, including solving linear and quadratic equations, finding slope and y-intercepts, exponential and logarithmic functions, inequalities and rational expressions.

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Geometry worksheets may include having students find perimeters, areas and volumes for geometric shapes, such as cubes, spheres, cones and cylinders. They may also involve triangle congruency and using the distance formula for two points. Graphing and the use of Cartesian coordinates are other geometry concepts taught at this grade level, notes the Math Worksheet Center.

The concept of number sense may entail using worksheets to solve problems involving negative and positive numbers, complex numbers, proportionality, scientific notation, and real, rational and irrational numbers. Similarly, some types of measurement worksheets focus on the metric system or how to measure different types of angles, including exterior, complementary and interior angles. Some concepts in ninth grade probability and statistics are permutations, dependent and independent events and the use of different graph types, including pie and bar graphs and scatter plots.

Some online resources that offer these different types of worksheets are the Math Worksheet Center, Help Teaching and Math-Aid websites.

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