What Are Some Good Nicknames for Boys?


Some good nicknames for boys include Alfie, Archie, Benno, Cal and Chaz. Other popular nicknames for boys include Dash, Gus, Jax, Kit and Mac, as well as Ned and Nico.

Additional nicknames for boys are Bill and Wim, both derived from the name William. For the name Phillip, some nicknames include Phil and Pip. Ike is a good nickname for a boy named Isaac, and Tad works for a boy named Thaddeus.

Zeke is a good boy's nickname for those who are named Hezekiah and Ezekiel. Vinnie or Vin typically come from the name Vincent, while Ollie is a derivative of the name Oliver.

Another good nickname for boys is Tru, derived from the name Truman. Monty works for someone named Montgomery, and Dex is a a natural choice for a person named Dexter. Cy is a good boys' nickname that comes from the name Cyrus.

Ozzie is suitable for boys named Osmond, Oswald or Ozias. Sully is a good nickname for boys named Sullivan, and Ty is an affectionate alternate name for boys named Tyler. Other good nicknames for boys include Van and Rafe. Xan and Xander are shortened versions of the name Alexander, while Freddie and Georgie are more casual versions of Frederick and George.