What Are Some Good Native American Female Names?


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Names for girls that originate in Native American languages include Winona, Bonita, Elu, Kamama and Talulah. Winona means "first daughter" in Sioux. Bonita means "beautiful" in Apache, as does Elu in Zuni. Kamama means "butterfly" in Cherokee. Talulah means "leaping water" in Choctaw.

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Most names that originate in Native American languages have various transliterations into the Latin alphabet. For example Winona also appears as Wenona, Wenonah and Winonah.

Other names related to Native American languages consist of the Native American version of English, Spanish and French names. An example of this type of name is Kateri, which derives from Catherine. Other Native American-inspired names come from Native American words that Native American cultures never used as names.

Some baby lists attribute Native American origins to names that do not actually come from any Native American language, or provide actual Native American words with meanings unrelated to the word's actual meaning. For example, lists often attribute the name Chenoa with the meaning "white dove" in the Cherokee language, but it is not a Cherokee word at all. Similarly, the lists often feature the name Kasa with the meaning of "dressed in furs" in the Hopi language, while the closest actual Hopi word, kwasa, means "skirt."

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