What Are Some Good Narrative Story Topics?

What Are Some Good Narrative Story Topics?

Some good narrative story topics include the first day at a new school, a memorable wedding, an exciting part in a football game or other sport, or even a first or last day at a job. Other topics include a bad date, a bad job interview or an embarrassing experience.

Narrative story topics are very easy to come up. They can range in a variety of topics from daily life or something memorable that happened to the writer or someone else she witnessed. From her daily life, a writer could write about a first or last day at a new school or job. These topics ensure heartfelt feelings as well as valid experiences for the reader.

Writing about a memorable moment from a wedding or even funeral is another way to ensure true experiences for the reader. Other memorable moments to write about include a moment from a football game or other sport or a funny event that happened at work.

Other topics include a bad date which can fall into the embarrassing experience category. Embarrassing experiences are always a good route to go because the narrator can recall the exact feelings they experienced as well as all the silly details that will make the reader laugh.

A good narrative story topic includes true feelings and thoughts from the event being written about. It draws the reader in and allows them to experience the same thing the writer did. Writing about a bad or embarrassing experience can evoke feelings of laughter and empathy whereas writing about a happy day or moment evokes feelings of joy and happiness.