What Are Some Good Names for Hunting Dogs?

What Are Some Good Names for Hunting Dogs?

Some examples of good names for male hunting dogs include Brutus, Chase, Gauge, Gunner and Hunter. Names for female hunting dogs include Lady and Nova. Arrow, Dakota or Scout could be names for either male or female hunting dogs. Good weapon-themed names for hunting dogs include Magnum, Pistol, Remington and Trigger.

Visit DogBreedPlus.com, MyDogsName.com or Dogs-and-Dog-Advice.com for more ideas on choosing a name for a hunting dog. These sites provide lists of possible names in alphabetical order, as well as giving reasons behind why the name is a good fit for a hunting dog.

Many good names for hunting dogs involve an element of hunting, tracking, trapping or weaponry. Arrow and Remington, for instance are names that are based on hunting weapons. Hunter, Tracker, Trapper and Chase are all named for a particular activity.

Other themes for hunting dog names include animal names, sporty names, military names and character names. Some popular animal names include Bear, Wolf, Grizzly and Kodiak. Sporty names include Champ, Scooter and Dash. General, Captain and Ranger are all good examples of military-themed names. Rocky, Rambo, Zeus and Terminator are all good examples of names of masculine character names.

Owners should avoid naming their dogs one-syllable names that sound like another word, because it may confuse the dog. For instance, the name Beau sounds like the word "no," so it may not be the best choice for a name.