What Are Some Good Names for Boys?


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Some good names for boys include Houston, Jeremiah, Brice, Trystan and Quinten. Some old-fashioned names that are becoming popular as of 2015 include Clyde, Frederick, Vincent, Edward and Asher.

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What Are Some Good Names for Boys?
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Some boy names inspired by celebrities include Clinton, Hendrix, Hugh, Nixon and Franco. Celebrities also name their children unique and interesting names, such as Saint, Apollo, Milan, Mason and Axl. Some celebrities named their sons with names inspired by the past, such as Oliver, Otis, Phoenix, Marcelo and Xander.

As of 2015, some unisex names that are growing in popularity include Casey, Devon, Jordan, Robin and Sidney. Some boy names inspired by nature include Aspen, Basil, Juniper, Oak and Thorn. Boy names inspired by literature include Holden, Atticus, Sawyer, Aslan and Finn or Flynn. Some short boy names to consider are Milo, Leon, Max, Enzo and Theo. Names from mythology or hero tales include Hercules and Jason.

Boy names with a masculine feel include Zander, Titus, Harley and Pierce. Some names inspired by other cultures include the Celtic name Bryant, meaning "strong," the Welsh name Griffin, meaning "stong in faith," or the Latin name Felix, meaning "lucky." Some Western European inspired names include Chance, meaning "good fortune," Frederik, meaning "leader," and Baldwyn, meaning "brave friend."

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