What Are Some Good Math Songs for Kids?


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Some good math songs for kids, which are about adding and subtracting, are Jennifer Fixman's "The Pizza-Eating Alligator" and Jim Thompson's "Adding and Subtracting Vocabulary." Jennifer Fixman's "Sixty Seconds in One Minute" and Kathleen Wiley's "The Metric Song" are good kids' math songs about units of measurement.

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Some good songs for kids about multiplication include Carl M. Sherrill's "Concepts of Multiplication" and "Turn It 'Round," as well as Jim Thompson's "Multiplying Decimals." Good songs about division include Kathleen Wiley's "Dividing with Decimals" and Barbara Speicher's "Division Song." A good math song that covers both multiplication and division is Tim Pacific's "Word Clues for Multiplication and Division."

Some good songs about fractions by Brian Johnson include "Comparing Fractions," "Simplifying Fractions," "Least Common Denominators" and "Numerator and Denominator." Ron Brown also has good fractions songs, including "Equivalent Fractions" and "Improper Fractions."

Songs that are good for teaching kids about algebra include both Tim Pacific's "The Prime Numbers Song" and "The Fundamental Algebra Song," as well as "Order of Operations " by Jim Thompson. A group called The Trigs writes good kid's songs about more advanced math subjects, including "We're Talkin' Parallel," "Proof Is Easy," "My Apothem," "A Constant Ratio" and "Is the Name."

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